About Mary

I pride myself as your mortgage agent to provide you with the best available service, rates and knowledge of the finance industry. I have 35 lenders that allow me to shop for your best interest and needs. My assistant and I are highly motivated to keep the mortgage process simple and stress free for you. We service the Hamilton and surrounding area, however we are able to do business across Canada.

My ideal client would be someone who is currently purchasing a home and requires financing. An existing homeowner with a mortgage that is renewing and is interested in shopping for the best rates with all lenders. A homeowner that has outstanding credit card balances, loans,and lines of credit debt that require my expertise in consolidating to allow better cash flow management. A homeowner that perhaps has children going to School that may need to access his equity to help with those expenses.

My biggest challenge is probably the concept that people have of mortgage brokers. Many people still believe that you only use a broker if you have credit issues. This is the furthest from the truth.Today the banks try to confuse consumers with so many products, its difficult to know what each institution has to offer. I am able to provide all this information because I have access to all their products.

My greatest reward is not a monetary one. But rather the satisfaction for me personally is when I know I have made a difference to someones life.